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What’s ICT ???

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb

Ok Guys, How are you today ? 

In this Article I’ll Use English for upgrading my typing skill 

Here i am wanna describe to you ‘bout ICT ?? ICT is an abbreviation Of Information Communication and Technologies, before i’ll tell ‘bout ICT further, I wanna ask to you

What do you know ‘bout ICT ???
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So, ICT is an abbreviation of  Information Communication and Technologies and ICT its covers two aspect, between ;

Information Technology 

Information Technology is covering anything that related on process, an AIDS, manipulation and managing information

Communication Technology

Communication Technology is everything that covering the use of AIDS is for process and transffering data from any device to more devices.

A. Definition of ICT

Is a Technology that use for managing data, include process, getting, sorting, saving, manipulation data in other ways for producing information with the best quality, that relevant information, accurate and on time, that use for privacy, bussines and government and that is an strategy of information for making a decision.

B. Kind of ICT Technology ; 
  1. Print Technology
  2. Audio Technology
  3. Video Technology
  4. Computer Technology
  5. Mobile Technology
  6. Internet Technology
  7. Storage Technology
 C. Application Information Technology & Communication Technology

  • Application on Bussines
  • Application on Education 
  • Application on Health
  • Application on Government
There’s 4 Application in Information Technology & Communication Technology, I’ll describe it on next Article 

D. ICT Component

ICT is have some component, between ; 

  • Hardware 

Hardware is composed from ;

1. Input devices is consists from keyboard, mouse and many more.

2. Process devices is a microprocessor (ALU, Internal Communication, Register and control          section).

3. Output devices consists from monitor, printer and many more.

4. External memory storage is consists of Hardisk, Floppy disk, CD – ROM, Magnetic tape.

5. Peripheral devices that is an additional component or as a new component and never there’s on the devices before, Example : TV Tunner Card, Modem, etc.

  • Software

Software is a data group that saved and be regulated by computer, the data in the form of Command or Programs that will be run an Instruction.
  • Brainware

Brainware is someone that involved on activities utilization of computer or data processing.

That’s my article, may be useful and understandable for you, im sorry if there’s a typo on my article ‘cause, this is ma first time for makin’ an article with English language, u can support my Website by the comment, Thanks You, See U Again 😀

Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb 

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